Dementia patients can be challenging to care for. Caring for an elderly person with dementia or Alzheimer's at home can be a taxing endeavor on the caregiving family member's physical and mental health. For this reason and many others, the services of a Comfort Keeper may be of great assistance to families afflicted with either of these heartbreaking degenerative diseases. Memory loss and the inability to carry out once-familiar tasks are only two symptoms of dementia, a progressive mental illness that can severely impact everyday life. Alzheimer's disease accounts for the vast majority of dementia cases. 

Our team of in-home caregivers helps support those experiencing these signs by playing to their strengths and assisting them with tasks that have become difficult.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Our in-home caregivers at Comfort Keepers work closely with the families of dementia and Alzheimer's clients to incorporate activities, socialization methods, medication management, and family respite into a unique, tailored care plan just for them. Your loved one's quality of life and physical health will benefit from these pursuits, as they are specifically designed around their unique interests and abilities. This helps to ensure that every Alzheimer's and dementia client receives the customized care they need to live a healthy, happy, and safe life.

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They are taught to detect the signs of frustration and disorientation in elderly clients and to employ a variety of techniques to calm them down. Alzheimer's and dementia care can be less stressful for both the caregiver and the client if the caregiver can recognize and validate these intense emotions of anxiety the dementia client feels as the feelings arise. 

The ability to lift the spirits of both clients and their loved ones has been granted to our in-home caregivers, who have also been tested for empathy, and received specific training to help seniors living with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. Every caregiver employed by Comfort Keepers has received training in Interactive CaregivingTM. Through this process, caregivers discover more about the client's preferences and past. These exercises are for both physical and mental wellness and help to create a lasting bond between the client and caregiver. We encourage memory-enhancing activities including looking through old photos or home movies, reading a beloved book, and listening to music from the senior's favorite era just to name a few.

Comfort Keepers in-home caregivers have received specialized training in dementia and Alzheimer's care.

Both family members and patients with Alzheimer's and dementia might benefit from an appreciation and sensitivity to the patient's spontaneous feelings of confusion, agitation, and worry that a specially-trained Comfort Keeper can provide.

In-home care can prevent emotional strain and also physical decline in you and your loved one. 24-Hour care can help with peace of mind while still allowing our senior clients to age independently where they feel most comfortable: Home.

Care after a hospital stay is critical to senior's physical recovery and emotional wellbeing, especially for those who live at home!  Comfort Keepers can help your senior loved one transition from a hospital stay or time and a rehabilitation center safely and efficiently.  Our caregivers provide in-home senior care custom to your loved one's needs while they recover.

24-Hour Care

Post-Hospitalization Care

Transportation Services

We understand that maintaining independence as we age is important, so we can help with seniors who don't have the ability or desire to drive!  Our caregivers can ensure that your senior loved one can get to healthcare appointments, community events, and friendship gatherings safely.

The term "Alzheimer's & dementia care" refers to a wide range of services, such as:

  • Medication Reminders
  • Companionship
  • Meal Preparation
  • Transportation
  • Private Pay 
  • Long-Term Care Insurance 
  • Medicaid
  • VA Benefits

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Let Comfort Keepers Help Guide You on Your Memory Care Journey

At Comfort Keepers, we strongly believe that excellent Alzheimer's and dementia care begins with specialized training. All of our caregivers undergo comprehensive education aimed at understanding the complexities of these challenging conditions. This training equips them with strategies to effectively manage any difficulties that may arise, ensuring they provide the highest quality care. 

Our activities range from memory exercises using family photos to discussing current events, which help stimulate lucid thought. Our approach ensures that every elder remains engaged in their own existence, avoiding becoming solely reliant on assistance. It also emphasizes our commitment as a leading dementia care provider to implementing strategies that genuinely improve seniors' day-to-day experiences. 

Alzheimer's and dementia care from Comfort Keepers brings more than just help; it brings hope. By making necessary adjustments to the environment, safety at home brings peace of mind for families. We understand that supporting a senior with dementia is a challenging journey, and we are here to provide expert guidance and compassionate care. We offer resources such as respite care, giving family caregivers the break they need to recharge and continue providing excellent care. 

Remember, you are not alone in navigating the journey of memory loss. With Comfort Keepers, facing Alzheimer's or dementia becomes a shared experience, and support is always within reach.