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At Comfort Keepers we're a family!  We want every caregiver to feel like they're not just working a job, but that they're important and supported.
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It’s been nothing short of a great experience working for this company! I’m so happy to be a part of this team! 


Caring for others is a very rewarding job. Caregivers look after our elders, those who have given so much to the world. You should be proud of yourself for taking care of others. Caregivers and clients form special bonds as well. Caregivers provide seniors with someone to talk, laugh, and interact with, which benefits both the senior and the caregiver's mental health.


Because caregivers spend so much of their time interacting with clients, they must enjoy working with people. These should be people who light up and smile when they talk to others.


Caregivers can have an impact on people's lives. Some seniors become lonely or depressed, but a great caregiver can help them improve their mood. Seniors truly appreciate all of the assistance caregivers provide, especially the things that aren't part of their job description.

Comfort Keepers relies heavily on its caregivers, not only because they are excellent at their jobs, but also because our organization is unable to function without them. On a daily basis, our caregivers interact with our clients and provide them with the care they require and deserve. Caregiving can be difficult, but it is the ideal job for some people.


The following characteristics are shared by a good caregiver:


A good caregiver will always prioritize the client. Their first thought is to figure out how they can help the senior in any situation.


Dealing with seniors can be difficult due to the effects of aging, such as hearing loss, limited mobility, memory loss, and poor eyesight.                               Certain tasks may take longer than expected, but a good caregiver is understanding and doesn't mind.


Seniors may have difficulty verbally expressing their feelings and pain. A good caregiver must be able to listen while also being aware of nonverbal cues their client may be giving.


"Communication is key," as the old adage goes. Seniors may have difficulty adjusting to a new caregiver sometimes, so remaining respectful while communicating is essential. All parties involved will benefit from open lines of communication.


Some seniors suffer from aging-related diseases. These can result in physical pain as well as mental deterioration. It is critical that caregivers do not take offense to any offending behavior displayed by the senior because they are likely in pain or unable to control their actions.

Caring for others is in a caregiver's blood. It comes naturally to prioritize others.


“Compassionate In-Home Care” says it all. I’ve been with Comfort Keepers for over 8 months & I couldn’t be happier. 

Comfort Keepers in Shrewsbury are the most compassionate and caring group of people I have meet while working for a Homecare Agency. They truly care about their clients and will go beyond what is required to find the perfect caregiver for a client. 

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